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Questions about San Blas

Most of our clients ask us many questions about San Blas and our boats.

It is very normal that when you are thinking of renting a sailboat or catamaran in San Blas many questions arise. In this space we have compiled some of them. If you still cannot find any of your questions in this section, do not hesitate to contact us to clarify and answer your questions.

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How much does it cost to rent a sailboat or catamaran? The price of renting a catamaran starts at $250 per person per day. The price of a sailboat starts at $180 per person per day. It depends, of course, on the quality, the model, the year of construction, the number of cabins or the special equipment offered by the owner. It's like choosing a hotel, they have different prices, it can vary from a hostel to a 5-star hotel. With Clickandsailing you can plan your unforgettable vacation in San Blas. In all our boats it is all inclusive, but we also have some options in some of our boats to reduce the price, such as: - only use the boat as a hotel "without sailing. You should bring your own food and drink. etc...

How can I rent a sailboat or catamaran? A sailing vacation can be the experience of a lifetime and provide you with unforgettable memories. To properly prepare you for your trip and align expectations, please take some time to read each point below. To properly prepare you for your trip and align expectations, please take some time to read each point below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of them, we will be happy to answer any of them. All San Blas sailboat rentals are on privately owned sailboats. Please note that the captain and crew will welcome you into their home and share their island lifestyle with you. A sailboat charter is not a hotel resort experience that has waiters and staff. Please be respectful of the Captain and his crew. Always follow the captain's orders! For your safety and the safety of the ship, follow the instructions of the Captain and crew. Fresh water: Sailboats only carry a limited amount of fresh water with them. Be aware of your water consumption when showering. Bathrooms – Sailboat bathrooms have marine toilets that operate differently than the toilets you are used to at home. Follow the instructions given by the Captain on how to use them and DO NOT flush any paper down the toilet. Wifi and Cellular Coverage – The San Blas Islands are located in a remote area. While some islands may receive a cell phone signal, others may not have any. Cell phone signal, even in "good coverage" areas, can often be unreliable. If you need to stay connected, please let us and your Captain know so we can plan the itinerary accordingly. We recommend purchasing prepaid phone cards with Tigo and Digicel, which will provide you with the necessary Wi-Fi and cellular coverage. Dietary Restrictions: Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Sailboat rentals usually serve plenty of fresh seafood. Luggage: Sailboats have limited space available and cabins are generally very small. Pack light and avoid bringing rigid suitcases. You won't need much in San Blas. If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, most hotels in Panama City will gladly store it until you return from your trip. What to bring: swimsuits, biodegradable sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, sunglasses, extra money for souvenirs. Sailboat Itinerary: We suggest a minimum of 3 nights for each charter sailboat to explore different islands and areas. We recommend booking 4 nights, if you want to visit the remote Holandes Cays. Itineraries are ultimately dependent on weather and ocean conditions and are determined by the Captain.

What time do I arrive at the port and return to the city? The carpool shuttle usually arrives at the San Blas port between 8:30 am and 9:00 am, depending on traffic and the tardiness of other guests. To provide timely service to everyone, we ask all guests to kindly wait in the lobby of their accommodations at 5:00 am.

Why do I have to carry my passport? San Blas is an autonomous territory within Panama with a border crossing, similar to an international border. Customs officials will check everyone's passports. If you do not have your original passport with you, you cannot enter the territory.

Go by plane from Panama City to the San Blas Islands? Flights from Panama City to San Blas. The price of private air transfers to San Blas depends on the number of guests on board and the type of aircraft used. Book your flight now along with your reservation. Road transfers are a popular way to get to San Blas. The vast majority of travelers to San Blas, Panama choose this transfer method mainly because of the lower cost, which in most cases is $75/person/way. Other costs for road transfers are local Kuna taxes totaling $20 per person and port fees of $3 per person per way. If you choose to fly, and unlike the option of road transfers, it will not be necessary to get on a water taxi since the catamaran will be located and anchored right next to the landing strip of Corazón de Jesús, the island where the airport. After very light customs procedures and a tax of $12 per guest, you will be taken to the catamaran; That's a 2 minute water transfer. Choosing a road transfer from Panama City requires you to hop on a water taxi which will take about 50 minutes, so keep that in mind when deciding. Flights to San Blas; useful information (PAC) Panama, PA Panama City / Albrook Int. is the code for the Albrook terminal and your departure point if you choose to fly to San Blas. We can also take care of all your transfers from your location to the Albrook terminal. If you would like to be transferred from Tocumen International Airport to Albrook, we can also provide the necessary private road transfers. The trip from Tocumen International Airport to the local Albrook Airport is about 30 minutes. Be sure to detail your needs when making your reservation. Alternatively as an option, we can also send our private planes to Tocumen International Airport to pick you up and transfer you to San Blas. This option is also available on the way back from San Blas and we can fly our planes directly to Tocumen International so you can take your plane back to your country or next destination. Flight time from Corazón de Jesús, San Blas Islands, is 40 minutes, but to be safe, book your flights back to your country for 12:00 noon or later so you have enough time to catch it comfortably . Flying in and out also gives you the flexibility to choose your own flight departure times, so you can leave Panama City for San Blas at a time that is most convenient for you. The departure time of the catamaran will be adapted accordingly and will be set to the same time as its landing. How much does it cost to fly to San Blas? Check prices on our page dedicated to Flights to San Blas We can include all the costs of the private flights in our services, this way you will receive from us both the catamaran rental and the confirmation of the private flights along with all the practical information you will need. Flying to San Blas has never been easier. There are no scheduled flights and Air Panama does not fly to the archipelago, but private planes can be easily booked through us. Hassle-free private flight transfers to the heart of San Blas. Jesus's Heart. Air transfers to San Blas are primarily suitable for guests reluctant to the typical 4-hour road and water taxi transfers that depart from your hotel in Panama City and take you to our catamarans in San Blas. Road transfers to San Blas begin around 5:15 a.m. m. and the pickup location is the lobby of your hotel or residence.

I'm afraid of getting dizzy. Please note that the boats will always anchor in sheltered bays (archipelagos) at night and sail for a maximum of 1-3 hours per day (in reality all the islands are quite close together), so it is actually very unlikely . that you will get dizzy

What is the total cost to go from Panama City to the ship? Basically a round trip costs approx. US$120. We always recommend that you consult these details because the value is subject to change without prior notice.

Is there a cell phone signal in San Blas? Depending on your provider and where you are in San Blas, you may pick up some phone signal. According to our experience, the best Panamanian cell phone providers with the best signal in San Blas are Digicel and Tigo. Some ships have free Starlink.

Can I book through Airbnb? Of course he can. Please note that Airbnb adds a somewhat high commission to our prices. Therefore, reservations are more expensive through Airbnb.

¿Dónde está ubicado el barco? ¿Dónde se supone que debo encontrarme con el barco? Generalmente todas las embarcaciones están ubicadas en la parte occidental de San Blas (Cayos Limón, Chichime, Porvenir, Carti, Cayo Hollandes, etc.), y el lugar de embarque estará ubicado en una de estas islas (a 10-30 minutos de Carti en aterrizar con un taxi acuático). Pero no te preocupes, todo estará perfectamente coordinado entre el coche y el barco para que puedas llegar al barco sin problemas.

How far is it by car from Panama City? to San Blas? The trip from Panama City to the port of San Blas is around 2.5 to 3 hours each way. The first hour of the trip is on Panamanian roads, while the rest of the trip is driving on slow, windy jungle roads with frequent potholes and off-road sections. If you are prone to motion sickness, plan ahead accordingly.

How do you know if a sailboat or catamaran is available? To receive our best offers with updated availability, simply complete the contact form. You can also send us an email to, contact us by phone at +507 61042415 or by whtasapp +34 609100101. After placing your request, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. We will reply to you by email with the available boats that best suit your preferences. If you do not receive this email, do not forget to check your Spam folder.

How many days are recommended to stay on a sailboat or catamaran in San Blas? The answer may depend on your available vacation time and your budget. It is not easy, but we can say that to be able to see the most beautiful corners of San Blas you need a minimum of 2 days 2 nights, although the ideal would be 7 days 7 nights to be able to do a mirror route. Here we leave you a link to some of our recommended routes.

How far in advance should I book a tour to San Blas? Regularly, tours to San Blas can be booked at least two days in advance, to have time to organize transportation and check which sailboat or catamaran is available. But our recommendation is that you make the reservation well in advance, this way you will have a better chance of being able to take the tour on the boat that you like the most or that best suits your needs.

What do I need to pack? Carry only a few things in your bag, you don't need much in Paradise. Try to avoid carrying hard luggage because it will take up a lot of space in your cabin. Swimsuits and comfortable clothing should not be missing in your suitcase. Also wear long-sleeved t-shirts and pants, both for when temperatures drop at night and to protect yourself from the sun. Don't forget your beach sandals or a raincoat, since sporadic rain can fall between July and December. It is very important that you bring a cap, hat, scarf or clothing that protects you from the sun and sunscreen. Mosquito repellent for when you are waiting for the water taxi at the port if you take the transfer by road or on the tarmac if you arrive by plane. Once on the catamaran, mosquitoes are rare. All our dishes are made right there, before your eyes. Bring your own snacks, M&M's and chips. Ritz crackers, etc. if you like. Extra alcohol but remember that for safety reasons we do not allow drunk people on board.

How long does a tour to San Blas last? If you chose a day pass to San Blas, the duration is approximately 14 hours. It would start at 5:30am with your pick-up and you would be back at your hotel or residence in Panama City at 7:00 or 7:30pm. If you chose a day tour, one night would be approximately. 22 hours.

Are there tours to San Blas all year round? Yes, there are tours to San Blas every day throughout the year.

Do tours to San Blas offer pickup at Tocumen Airport? Yes, pick-up is offered at the Tocumen Airport since it is on the way to San Blas. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you have to wait for your driver in the airport parking lots. The pick-up time at the airport parking lots is between 5:45 and 6:15 in the morning. It is not possible to pick you up later than this time because the drivers have to be at a specific time at the port of San Blas and if they pick you up later than 6:15am, you run the risk of not arriving at the port in time to board. the transfer boat to the Islands.

What islands do you take me to visit on a day trip? Generally, 2 to 3 islands are visited, which can be: Diablo Island, Perro Chico Island or Fragata Island and a Natural Pool. There may be some variation in the islands I mentio

Can I bring a copy of my passport instead of the original? It is not possible to enter San Blas by showing a copy of your passport. It is necessary that you bring your original passport since to enter the San Blas reserve there is a police checkpoint where they will ask you to show your original passport. I recommend bringing a “Ziploc” plastic bag with a zipper to make sure your passport doesn't get wet.

Can I bring my sancks or drinks to San Blas? Yes, you can bring your food, snacks and even drinks and a cooler if you wish. On the way to the port of San Blas, a mandatory stop is made at a supermarket. You can take advantage of this stop to buy whatever you need, the only thing we ask of you is to make sure you don't leave trash on the islands.

Can I make the full payment online? It is generally not possible to pay in full for tours to San Blas online, only the deposit. The reason is because the rest must be paid directly to the carriers and captains. But in some special cases we could manage it.

Can you give me the name and number of my driver? Yes, there is no problem in providing you with the number of the driver of the car and boat as well as the captain, so that you can finalize any details directly with them. Although of course you can also call us for any questions or clarifications.

What does a day trip to San Blas include? Day trips to San Blas from Panama City, lunch with a drink (water, soda or beer), visit 2 to 3 Islands, visit a natural pool.

What does it include if I book a day and night to San Blas? Stays of one or more days include a stay aboard the sailboat or catamaran of your choice, navigation through different islands in the San Blas region, three meals a day with your drink, usually unlimited water and soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. moderate form. Uses of snorkeling equipment, kayak/SUP boards, auxiliary boat to move from the boat to the islands, fishing equipment.

Are there any additional fees? Yes, the cost does not include entry to the San Blas reserve. The entrance fee is 5 USD for residents and 20 USD for foreigners. There are some tours that also do not include the port tax fee, which costs 2 USD for both residents and foreigners. The cost of these rates is per person.

How long does the car transfer from Panama City to San Blas take? The time it takes to transfer by car from Panama City to Puerto Cartí is 3 hours.

What time does my driver pick me up? If your pickup location is in Panama City, your pickup time is between 5:30am and 5:45am. If your pickup location is in Playa Bonita, your pickup time will be between 4:30am and 4:50am. In any case, after making your reservation, they confirm your pick-up time. It is very rare for pickup times to change, but if there is a change, your tour operator will contact you to inform you of the new pickup time.

Is there a cell phone signal in San Blas? Cell phone service on the San Blas Islands is with Digicel and also Tigo. You can buy these chips in shopping malls in Panama City or at the airport. Frequently asked questions about going to San Blas

What is the best time to travel to San Blas? Panama is located very close to the Equator, enjoying a tropical climate, temperatures vary between 25-30º C. It has two seasons: The summer season, runs from mid-December to May (dry, sunny and windy), being the season perfect for sailing, windsurfing, etc. The spring season runs from May to December (rainy, with high humidity and calm sea) and is the best time for diving and snorkeling. However, you can make your reservation at any time of the year, 365 days, 24 hours a year... San Blas Islands weather January and February High season but it is winter and the days are so short. The lowest temperature of the year and basically good wind and almost no rain in San Blas Panama Let's say it is a good month to discover the San Blas Islands sailing on a catamaran or sailboat. San Blas Islands climate March and April The temperature rises a little in San Blas Panama. The wind is still stable, there is almost no rain, it is an excellent time to rent a boat on the San Blas Islands San Blas Islands weather May and June The temperature also rose in the San Blas Islands Panama in daylight A little rain has arrived and a little less wind as well. But you will enjoy your sailing tour of the San Blas Islands. One of the best times to sail the San Blas Islands, and much less tourists at this time, which is a good point for a nice tour of San Blas. San Blas Islands weather July and August High season again busy time on San Blas Islands Panama Many people come to the San Blas Islands to sail at this time. It is recommended to reserve in advance. There is a little rain with a little nice sun, a little breeze, it is easy to breathe in the San Blas Islands, Panama in this period. San Blas Islands in September and October Low season again, it's time to get a good deal for the San Blas Islands sailing tour. Let's be honest, there is not much wind and some rain, but San Blas Panama is incredible, it is one of the best times to sail around the San Blas Islands because it is almost a desert, the average number of tourists is low in those months. If you take a sailing tour of the San Blas Islands in those months, you will find plenty of desert places to take a postcard photo of San Blas Panama. San Blas Islands weather November November is a strange month in San Blas Panama because tourism is different, there are many holidays in November not only in the San Blas Islands Panama but throughout the country, so all the locals come to the San Blas Islands for those days, so we recommend you will go to coastal islands if you take a sailing tour of San Blas in November. Outside of that little wind and some rain, you will enjoy the tranquility of the San Blas Islands after the public holidays. San Blas Islands weather December Welcome back to high season all prices increase 20% for Christmas to sail San Blas Islands. Almost everyone is full, so for tourists it seems like the best time to sail around the San Blas Islands. Book in advance if you want to sail around the San Blas Islands on those dates. The wind increases in December and basically it hardly rains in San Blas, Panama. It is the busiest time of year to sail San Blas Panama Islands. Hopefully this calendar helps you choose to sail the San Blas Islands.

What is "moderate alcohol consumption"? In our catamaran rentals we include moderate alcohol consumption. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), moderate alcohol consumption is equivalent to 2 glasses of beer or wine a day, to this we add some cocktails prepared by the crew at night. The alcoholic beverages offered on board are beer, wine and rum, the customer can always bring their own alcoholic beverages if they wish. Included per person/day: 1/2 bottle of wine 2 beers afternoon cocktail Please note that this is not a booze cruise and any waste to the point of endangering yourself or disrupting the charter or our services will not be tolerated. operations. What not to do on the San Blas Islands

What is the difference between a shared cabin rental and a private one? We already do shared charters, all our catamarans are private. It is highly recommended to travel privately, you have the boat alone, that means there are no other guests on board to share the sailing experience with, that makes a lot of sense because San Blas is visited by a wide spectrum of travelers with different interests.

What happens with meals if I am vegetarian or allergic to any food? There is no problem, you simply have to specify it to us when you contact us and when you arrive on board, and we will take care of everything.

Does the weather forecast say it's going to rain? Panama is located in the intertropical Convergence Zone with very unpredictable weather. The weather forecast for San Blas is usually wrong! Often the weather forecast indicates rain for each day of the week, while in reality San Blas enjoys beautiful, sunny weather. However, rain is very common in the tropics and can occur during your stay in San Blas, often overnight. Even with rain, San Blas is still a paradise!

If it rains, will they refund our money? Unfortunately not. San Blas is located in the Intertropical Convergence Zone and rain can occur at any time. The weather is impossible to predict. Our tours to San Blas operate every day of the year. Since all services in San Blas (car ride, boat ride, island operation) are managed by the Kuna indigenous people, who depend on the income from their hard work, we hope you understand that after consuming their services we cannot refund you if it rains.

What is the food like on our boats in the San Blas Archipelago? Tropical fruits such as papaya, mango and pineapple picked from the nearby jungle or brought from traders and fresh delicacies from the local reefs, including lobster and various types of fish, are a large part of the island diet. The uniqueness of our tropical sailing areas in Panama is also reflected in the cuisine offered on our sailing charters. Yes, embarking on a sailing trip to the most idyllic of all Caribbean destinations on a luxurious catamaran and being surrounded by friends or family is a winning strategy to have an exceptional experience, but what about the food...? Although we adapt the meals to the preferences of our guests; The Pescatarian diet on board is the norm simply because that is our closest approach to a Mediterranean type of cuisine, with fish as the main source of protein in the diet. Various ingredients, such as lean proteins and vegetables, are added to meals. Normally, local indigenous fishermen bring us the fish in their carved wooden canoes. Different types of snapper, and live lobster along with octopus and sometimes snail are the usual catch of the day and constitute the basics for the preparation of our dishes. For fruits and vegetables we connect with merchants who occasionally visit the anchorages we usually use, a simple and effective approach and the only possibility of making the purchase in the San Blas Islands. Food allergies, any dietary restrictions or preferences will be taken into account when preparing meals on board. Please notify us with your charter request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can I bring a harpoon with me? No, spearfishing is officially prohibited in San Blas, and customs might even confiscate it when crossing the border.

Is it safe to bring children? Embarking on a catamaran adventure in the Caribbean can be an enriching experience for all members of the family, especially children. * Stretch your imagination: children need to get out of their comfort zone from time to time, they need to face new challenges and develop the skills necessary for new perspectives to be born. *Daily Adventure: Jumping on a paddle board and snorkeling the adjacent reefs is a unique adventure. *Kayaking and exploring the islands around the boat will help you meet other Kuna children, play new games and learn the simple but totally valid way of life. Some children are naturally adventurous and may need to be given more limits and others may be more reluctant and need more persuasion, either way the captain and crew will provide a list of possible activities so that parents can decide which is the most suitable for your children. Resolving fears is also an interesting aspect that children (and parents) face during a catamaran cruise in San Blas. *Balanced life: Computer time occupies a lot in our children's daily lives. Once on board, this screen time will be greatly reduced even if you do not apply limits to the use of your cell phones, iPads, etc. *Patience: Mother Nature has a habit of delaying many outdoor activities and in this peculiar place in the tropics, nature is strong enough to teach children the importance of waiting for the wind to die down or for a while to pass. rain episode. Practicing patience so that conditions become favorable is very important in a world where instant gratification prevails. Being patient will be helpful in many ways as your child develops. *Links: Boating is the perfect excuse to spend time outdoors with your family and others. Exploring the peculiarities of this part of the world and how this lifestyle is so different from home will create interesting conversations and building friendships. For many children, these types of connections do not easily occur in their schools.

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