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From Colombia The starting point is from the port of Cartagena (5-10 minutes by taxi from the city center and should cost 6-8 thousand pesos).
From time to time (especially during the difficult season) some ships may leave Sapzurro on the Panama border in the Darien.


Booking with us you will have the same price as booking with the captain himself.


In addition to booking with us you will have the advantage of not having to wait for any response and confirmation from the different captains. ​


Booking a boat with us is very simple (no need to go to any office) Ask us about the next departure dates of each boat that we offer.





Contact us via chat or email to make sure there are places available for the boat of your choice, ​ (always recommended), we also have a WhatsApp number +34 60910101 and Cel +50761042415.


RESERVE YOUR SPOT - Once we've confirmed your availability (usually within minutes) and sent you all the trip details, make a deposit payment through our secure payment system or deposit into Banco General, Wells Fargo or Paypal.

The balance will be in cash on the day of departure.

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