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How to get to San Blas from Panama City

como llegar a las islas de san blas panama

There are two ways to get to San Blas from Panama.
We manage the transfer from any point in Panama round trip
(from the door of your hotel or house to the selected boat)

flights from panama to san blas

Corazon de Jesus Airport

El Porvenir Airport San Blas Panama

El Porvenir Airport

aeropuerto de el porvenir
flights from panama to san blas
flights from panama to san blas
vuelos de panama a san blas
vuelos de panama a san blas
flights from panama to san blas

Without a doubt it is the fastest and most fun way to get to the Charter in San Blas, in just 40 minutes you will be enjoying our boats and during your flight you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the Central American jungle and the paradisiacal San Blas archipelago.

IIn San Blas there are two airports, one on the island of Porvenir "

very close to Carti and the second in Nargana, near the island of Corazón de Jesus.

If you decide to come by plane, call us and in addition to being

able to coordinate your flight, there may be some empty seats on

your dates that maybe you can occupy at a better price.

The recommended departure time is 7:30 am, but we can adapt

to your schedule, just let us know when booking.

Flight details: Departure from: Albrook local terminal in Panama City Departure

time at check-in: early morning

Departure time at check-out: same as check-in time Arrival at:

Corazón de Jesús or the Future

Type: private plane Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: depends on the number of travelers and total weight, see information


Airport tax: $20/person

Once in Corazón de Jesús you will be received by our captain and transferred

to the catamaran that will be anchored next to the runway.

The transfer time from the piste to the catamaran does not exceed 3-5 minutes.​​​


                              IMPORTANT, DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT!!!

                                  Main reasons why it is highly recommended to fly to San Blas:

  • Flight time is 40 minutes instead of the 4 to 5 hours of road transfer and water taxi. The departure location can be local to Albrook PAC or international to Tocumen PTY as an option. Fly and skip the water and road taxi, which is not convenient for some. Landing in Corazón de Jesús is a stone's throw from the Keys. Arriving by water taxi and by road puts you 2 hours by boat from the tip of the Holandeses Keys. The costs of flying have dropped compared to previous years.                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Where do you take the plane to San Blas? The local Albrook airport which is in Panama City or the Tocumen international airport as an option, which is good because you can get to San Blas without having to change airports.

  • Where do the flights land? Heart of Jesus and the Future Which of the 2 landing sites is the best? We prefer Corazón de Jesús because it is easy to get to the Keys, but sometimes we can fly to El Porvenir if necessary for weather reasons.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • How long are flights to San Blas Corazón de Jesús or Porvenir? 40 minutes

  • What time do private flights to San Blas depart? As they are private, you can take off whenever you decide. Although flights from 6 to 8 in the morning are usual and we prefer our guests to leave for San Blas early in the morning, we can always adapt to any time of day. Please note that San Blas airports do not have lights and flights in and out must take place during the day.

  • Is it safe to fly to San Blas? Some of our guests are often afraid of flying on small private planes. Needless to say, the airline industry in Panama is 100% regulated and inspections are implemented as they would be in the US or any other Western country. Without any recorded flight problems, we can determine that flights to San Blas are completely safe.

  • Are flights to San Blas private or shared? The flights are private. Regular airlines like Air Panama do not fly to San Blas, only small private planes do.

  • How do I get from San Blas airport to the catamaran? The catamaran captain will be waiting for you next to the runway and will take you aboard the tender in a short 2-minute walk.

  • Is weight a problem when taking a private flight to San Blas? It can be. You must pack light and respect the weight limits on the booked plane. You can always leave bags at the airline at PAC. Please do not leave valuables.

  • How much does it cost to fly to San Blas? Check prices on our page dedicated to Flights to San Blas here. We can include all the costs of private flights in our services, this way you will receive from us both the catamaran rental and confirmation of the private flights along with all the practical information you will need.

  • How do you book the flight to San Blas? Simply send us your total personal and luggage weight along with your names and passports. We'll take care of the rest.

Como llegr a San Blas
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