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What is the food like on our boats in the San Blas Archipelago?

Tropical fruits such as papaya, mango and pineapple picked from the nearby jungle or brought from traders and fresh delicacies from the local reefs, including lobster and various types of fish, are a large part of the island diet.

The uniqueness of our tropical sailing areas in Panama is also reflected in the cuisine offered on our sailing charters. Yes, embarking on a sailing trip to the most idyllic of all Caribbean destinations on a luxurious catamaran and being surrounded by friends or family is a winning strategy to have an exceptional experience, but what about the food...?
Although we adapt the meals to the preferences of our guests; The Pescatarian diet on board is the norm simply because that is our closest approach to a Mediterranean type of cuisine, with fish as the main source of protein in the diet. Various ingredients, such as lean proteins and vegetables, are added to meals.

Normally, local indigenous fishermen bring us the fish in their carved wooden canoes. Different types of snapper, and live lobster along with octopus and sometimes snail are the usual catch of the day and constitute the basics for the preparation of our dishes.

For fruits and vegetables we connect with merchants who occasionally visit the anchorages we usually use, a simple and effective approach and the only possibility of making the purchase in the San Blas Islands.

Food allergies, any dietary restrictions or preferences will be taken into account when preparing meals on board.
Please notify us with your charter request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


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