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Ten reasons to learn to sail in San Blas

earn to sail in San Blas
reasons to learn to sail in San Blas
Are you looking for a new hobby to escape the routine? If you want to live unique experiences, learning to sail will allow you to enjoy relaxing moments, adventures and memories that you will never forget. We explain 10 reasons why you should learn to sail.

1.- Sailing is the most effective way to escape from the world
Ten reasons to learn to sail in San Blas
There are fewer and fewer places where you can disconnect from the world. If you like to spend your holidays by the sea and the beach is your usual destination, it is usually difficult to find quiet beaches and sometimes we end up suffering the same traffic jams to go to the beach as when we go to work. Getting on board a pleasure boat, moving away from the coast, turning off the engine and just listening to the sound of the waves and the wind while sailing is the best way to disconnect from the bustle of life on land.

2.- It is a perfect way to make new friends

Sailing will allow you to share moments with other sailors in regattas, on singles trips or in all kinds of shared experiences that you can find at Clickandsailing.

The hobby for recreational sailing is growing more and more. Throughout the year there are nautical events to sail on weekends, long weekends, and of course in summer. If your friends haven't gotten hooked yet, at Sailwiz most of the plans are designed for people who travel alone, as a couple or in small groups looking for more people to share one or more boats.

3.- Connect with nature

If you want to experience nature in its purest form, become a sailor! At sea you will still be able to explore wild places, coves that are only accessible by boat and connect with marine life. If you have not yet lived that moment when you are sailing and several dolphins start to swim next to your boat, do not wait much longer!

Anchoring your boat, putting on your fins and goggles and snorkeling in a cove is a true wonder.

4.- Sailing is an activity suitable for all ages

From a young age, you can start sailing in dinghy sailing school boats. Children will have a blast on a nautical vacation together with their parents. Living on a boat is quite an adventure for them and life on board will serve to instill in them such important values ​​as caring for the environment, respect for the sea or solidarity among sailors.

5.- There is an offer to navigate for all budgets

To navigate it is no longer necessary to buy or rent a boat. In clickandsailing you can find sailing trips for much less than the cost of a hotel room. Browsing has never been so accessible.

In the past, thinking about sailing was thinking about luxury. Today, thanks to the collaborative economy model, in clickandsailing you can find hundreds of skippers in many parts of the world that offer you places for much less than what it will cost you to go to a hotel or apartment. And experience has nothing to do with it! If you try it, you repeat.

6.- For your health

Boating is one of the healthiest activities out there. Sailing, you will breathe fresh air and the simple fact of being on board a boat, with the slight rocking produced by the waves of the sea, makes your body constantly exercise.

In addition, when we sail we tend to improve our diet by eating more fruit and vegetables, especially in summer, because it is what we most want on board and it is easier to prepare.

7.- It is the best way to share experiences

Gathering our friends or family on a boat and sharing adventures with them is the best way to strengthen ties and share experiences. A boat is a small space and for us to enjoy our holidays it is necessary to maintain a pleasant climate. After a week living on board, it is very common to leave the ship having strengthened our friendship or relationship with the rest of the crew much more.

8.- Encourage teamwork

Sailing requires team spirit to maneuver the boat together, stand guard if we sail at night or compete against other boats in a regatta. Sailing is one of the activities preferred by companies to promote teamwork.

In addition, it is much more fun to share the routine tasks on board a ship such as cooking, cleaning or doing small repairs on board.

9.- You can live on it!

There is more and more work related to nautical tourism. If you train properly and acquire the necessary experience, you could dedicate yourself to working as a professional skipper and share your journeys on Clickandsailing.

There are many professional skippers who have made the sea their profession. But there are also many skippers who start sailing as a hobby and who over time acquire a professional license, which allows them to share their journeys.

10.- The candle is made for everyone!

It is not necessary to have a lot of strength since the current boats are prepared for everyone. There are more sporty and tourist boats for the type of navigation that we want to do.

Men and women, older and younger. There are experiences to navigate for all audiences.


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