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What is it like to visit San Blas by boat?

What is it like to visit San Blas by boat? Imagine that you get out of bed and the paradise of San Blas delights you every morning with the vision of a moving and always different sunrise. If you feel like it, you can have breakfast on the deck or directly take a dip in the sea. While you swim in the turquoise and blue waters, so transparent, you can see the bottom, you see hundreds of starfish, turtles, dolphins, fish of all colors and manta rays... until you reach the beach that is a few meters away of you snorkeling or practicing paddle. Meetings with Kuna friends and direct contact with their culture await you around a bottle of rum at night! During your boat vacation to San Blas Panama, you can navigate and sleep sharing a boat with more people who travel like you or on a boat exclusively for you and yours. Your hosts will be experienced sailors who love life at sea and are immensely happy to share it with you, opening the doors of their floating home while showing you the wonders of nature. The boat will be your apartment and means of transportation. For many cruise passengers who have already been around the world, San Blas de Panama is the most beautiful place they have ever seen! As we like to eat healthy, sailors fish or buy fish and shellfish directly from the Kunas, so fresh fish and shellfish will not be missing from the menu, even on the barbecue! But maybe before we put anchor to our next island to eat. These trips through the San Blas archipelago by sailboat will normally be short, one or two hours, which we will take advantage of to sunbathe, relax on deck and breathe that pure air that only the sea is capable of giving us. Afterwards, bath, lunch, nap and perhaps move to another island to spend the night, where you can go out to enjoy the party of the place or throw the party on board or on the beach with the rest of the crews. All that remains is to finish a wonderful day sleeping with the slight movement of the boat, feeling the sea breeze on your body every night, and in the most absolute silence where you will discover that you love nature more than you thought.

Our boats will take you sailing directly to the most beautiful beaches of San Blas and spending the night in each one of them. You can go ashore whenever you want, you can even swim to it while every day we visit a different island and in a different culture. You have the possibility of sailing on a sailboat for individual places, occupying your own cabin, or renting the entire boat. We can even change the course if we feel like it and stay longer in one place. Along with all these advantages, this option is more practical and economical in terms of value for money, so the best way to explore San Blas in Panama is by sea: no trip to San Blas would be complete without a few days sailing on a boat. ! Our colleagues with years of experience sailing in San Blas, will welcome you in perfectly equipped sailboats and with all kinds of comforts on board to stay and navigate in Guna Yala. Simply let us know your concerns and preferences, and we will be delighted to help you find the perfect boat to live an unforgettable experience that you will never forget during your dream vacation in San Blas, Panama. If you are a pursuer of beauty in this world, visiting San Blas in Panama traveling by sailboat and enjoying its long Caribbean beaches overflowing with palm trees with crystal clear waters, is living a great and magical experience! Come to rest, and isolate while living an interior journey in one of the few places in this world where there are no hotel complexes, no restaurants and totally free from mass tourism. In the San Blas islands, one feels nature so much that it multiplies your feelings like never before. Come see that the sky is not always so high and that it is also earthly. Where life has a more powerful imagination than your dream vacation, and where you will experience unforgettable moments, inexplicable things, and meet incomparable people!


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