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Sailboat or catamaran in San Blas, which one to choose?

que tipo de barco elegir para navegar en San Blas, velero o catamaran
elegir velero o catamaran en San Blas Panama

The criteria to choose between a sailboat and a catamaran in San Blas:

  • Stability: Preference for the catamaran. With its two floats it is naturally more stable. Features: Slim, the sailboat is generally sportier than the catamaran. Cost: In general, the sailboat is more suitable for small budgets. Comfort: the catamaran offers more space, both in the lounge and in the cabins.

The advantages of renting a catamaran in San Blas: Comfortable stability: with its two hulls, the boat does not move or tilt like sailboats, which guarantees perfect stability. A large central room: unlike a sailboat, the catamaran has a room where you can share your best meals with family and/or friends. Spacious cabins: the catamaran offers you large spaces, especially in the cabins. In addition, the master cabins are often isolated from the children's cabins. Capacity: you can invite the whole family and children to an unforgettable cruise. You no longer need to leave your uncle or aunt in the port. Trampoline: It is obvious to find the best place to enjoy the sun. With a catamaran, a large diving board is in front of the boat and allows the family to sunbathe all together. Don't forget the sunscreen! The catamaran will allow you to get closer to the beaches of San Blas than the Sailboat. The advantages of renting a sailboat Sailboat or catamaran in San Blas, which one to choose?: A very sporty behavior: unlike a catamaran, the sailboat is generally faster. Easier to find mooring in port: the sailboat is less bulky and easier to moor. Less expensive than a catamaran: Less imposing and faster, the sailboat is generally less expensive. How to find a good catamaran or sailboat to rent for your vacation? We offer you all the catamarans and sailboats in San Blas, each one more incredible than the last. Sailboat or catamaran in San Blas, which one to choose? Choose a sailboat according to your navigation plan and the number of people you want to sail with to feel comfortable on the boat. For a relaxing vacation, rent a catamaran with a captain. Relax, your captain will take care of everything!


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