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RENT BOATS IN SAN BLAS THE MOST ECONOMIC OPTION Rent boats in hotel mode in San Blas

We have had many requests from clients who, for different reasons, have asked us to be able to enjoy a sailboat or a catamaran in San Blas without having to navigate. On some occasions it is for fear of getting seasick, on others because the budget is not enough and on others because they do not want to stay in the cabins and thus have more services and amenities offered by sailboats and catamarans. Renting a sailboat to sleep is an incredible experience hitherto unknown to many. Even without sailing, sleeping on a sailboat or catamaran is an experience in itself. Let yourself be seduced by the aroma of the sea, the sea breeze, the gentle movement of the water and discover the sensations that a night on a sailboat offers. Without a doubt, you will be surprised by its space and comfort. Our boats are located in very strategic areas of San Blas and surrounded by several islands that you can visit aboard the auxiliary boats of each boat. RENT BOATS IN SAN BLAS THE MOST ECONOMIC OPTION You can also hire Guna boat tours if you want to go to more remote islands, these cost $25 or $30 per person. You only have to tell us the dates, the number of guests and you will have an authentic floating apartment, equipped with everything you need to enjoy it as a boat hotel. They will be able to enjoy all the services offered by each boat, snorkel equipment, kayak or paddle board, shower, etc...

flota de barcos en San Blas

alojamiento en velero o catamaran en san blas
accommodation in san blas in hotel mode aboard a sailboat or catamaran


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