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Which boat best suits you in San Bas? Sailboat / catamaran / yachts?

If you are already used to recreational boating, surely you will not need to continue reading this post, but if it is the first time you are going to rent a boat in San Blas, this information will help you choose the best type of boat for your vacation. Which boat best suits you in San Bas? Sailing Sailing boats are catamarans and sailboats. These boats in San Blas are mainly rented by days or weeks. If you are thinking of fewer days or only one (day charter), it will be easier to get a motor boat. Catamarans and sailboats are the most sought after option since they are much cheaper to spend one or several days in San Blas, bringing together two options in one: accommodation and a boat to sail at a cheaper price than a yacht. THE CANDLE, A MORE ROMANTIC OPTION Sailing is a navigation for lovers of the sea who want to enjoy the walks and landscapes, while living life at sea. It is a more "romantic" approach and above all slower. The speed at which we sail has nothing to do with yachts or motorboats. Sailboats have an engine, but it is much less powerful and is used mainly for maneuvering. The motor boat or yacht If, on the other hand, what you want to do is enjoy a day on a boat, which is known as a day charter, the best option is a motor boat, either a speedboat or a yacht. They navigate faster, are more stable and move less, so the path to reach your destination is shorter and with less seasickness.

yates en San Blas
yates en San Blas

the catamaran More and more people are betting on a week of catamaran vacations in San Blas. They are more comfortable and spacious inside, they have a shallow draft and are easy to maneuver, they are more expensive than sailboats, they consume more fuel than sailboats and the price of their moorings is also more expensive due to their size. Even so, they are more comfortable and stable than a sailboat to spend a week on the boat.

Sailboats and other sailing boats: Advantages and Disadvantages The sail offers us much more autonomy and the ability to lose ourselves at sea for long periods of time, since it does not depend so much on fuel. Its fuel is natural "the wind". For this reason, it requires greater technical preparation -after many hours of practice- and the help of a minimum crew depending on the length. No less important is the meteorology, for two reasons, the first and fundamental is the knowledge of the wind and the second the time that has to be invested in each voyage. Finally, the review before sailing a sailing ship usually entails greater complexity, despite the simplicity of its engine, since the rigging, sails, hardware and ropes have to be checked. By overcoming these drawbacks we can fully enjoy the freedom and tranquility that the wind provides us.

IN THE SAILBOATS, THE LONGER LENGTH IS MORE COMFORTABLE Regarding the length of a sailboat, a greater length of length will translate into less movement of the boat, more speed and greater comfort. These premises also play against in terms of economy since the greater the length, the greater the budget, both in mooring and in maintenance. The number of crew members that will go on board and our budget will be the fundamental factors to make the right choice of renting one sailboat or another. Also its mooring port. Life on board means living together in a small space, so habitability plays a fundamental role. From 50 feet it can be said that life on board will be easier. If you have any questions, contact us and one of our sailboat and catamaran rental experts in San Blas will advise you so that you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Now you know which boat best suits you in San Bas?


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