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How long should you rent a boat in the San Blas Islands? catamaran in san blas panamá

san blas in catamaran

catamaran in san blas panamá. The more you can afford the more you should take it, it's not somewhere you'll be going back to next month.

There are 365 islands in San Blas, so there is plenty to see, so don't be shy about choosing the right time if you can afford it.

A 2-day trip is the minimum we recommend. Time stops when you arrive in San Blas and passes incredibly faster when you're having fun. catamaran in san blas panamá

The best tricks to get offers

Book a 3-day charter boat trip around the islands further from the coast and instead of returning to Carti pier, take 3 more days in cabins on the islands closer to the coast.

You will have a week in the San Blas Islands for a really good price.

Tips for booking

We are here to help you, you will pay the same price going directly through the owner as you would by hiring us. We charge commission from the boat for booking a charter to San Blas Islands. The money does not come out of your pocket but from the boat, so do not be shy, using us to plan your charter to San Blas Islands Panama will not cost you more and you will have services and help to plan everything and it will be easier to compare boats.


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