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sailboats in guna yala

Catamaran Yacht Charter in San Blas: Sail in Paradise with
"Click And Sailing".
(Guna Yala Region) Panam​á

Note: Depending on the boat, rates can increase up to 20% on Panama National holidays; and in the high summer season of Panama, the US and Europe.


Set Sail for Adventure: Premium Catamaran Charter for San Blas, Panama

🌊 Start a Caribbean Quest with Our Luxury Catamaran Charters!

Imagine the splash of turquoise waves against the hull, the whisper of the Caribbean breeze through the sails and the sun casting a warm embrace around you. This is not just a voyage; it is a symphony of experiences aboard our state-of-the-art catamarans.

With our tailor-made Catamaran Charters service, you are not simply chartering a boat; you are opening a door to the enchanting Guna Yala archipelago, where adventure beckons and memories are waiting to be created.

🐠 Immerse yourself in Excellence: Snorkel in crystal clear waters, where coral gardens teem with vibrant marine life.

Glide over gentle waves in Kayaks or Paddleboards, finding balance with every paddle.Experience the rich tapestry of Guna Yala culture, with excursions that bring you face to face with timeless traditions.
Why Choose Our Catamaran Adventure?
Hassle-free charter process - from booking to boarding.
Expertly curated charters tailored to your spirit of adventure.
A fleet of luxurious catamarans equipped for comfort and style.
Friendly and knowledgeable crew committed to your care.

Feel the Freedom:
As the sails unfurl, so will your spirit. The ocean is your playground, and our catamarans are your vessels of discovery. Whether it's a family bonding adventure, a romantic getaway or a solitary voyage of introspection, the horizon is yours to pursue.

With the Confidence of Adventurers:
Our guests gush with praise about the transformative experience of sailing with us. "Life-changing," "breathtaking," "beyond expectations," are just a few of the praises they share.

Chart Your Course:
Are you ready to capture the essence of the Caribbean? To meander between islands with the ease of the sea itself? Book your catamaran charter today and sail away to your own tropical fairy tale.

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