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diferencias entre velero y catamaran en san blas
catamaranes en san blas panamá.png

Choose a sailboat or catamaran to sail in San Blas with your family or group of friends


sailboats in san blas panama


catamarans in san blas panama

Sailboats are the most popular option in the world of yacht charter. The sailboat is a monohull vessel propelled by the force of the sails, that is, by the force of the wind. Some of the key characteristics that best describe sailing boats: \

* Great stability thanks to the keel and ballast

* Safety - Capsizing is almost impossible *Ideal for thrill seekers, boat heels frequently 

*Inexpensive choice compared to similar sized catamarans

The catamaran is a type of boat with two hulls, known as skids. Thanks to its two-hull design, a catamaran is very stable and comfortable to sail, which makes for a pleasant sailing experience overall. Some of the key features that best describe the catamarans: * Attractive design * More privacy * Its stability reduces dizziness * Faster thanks to needle-shaped hulls * Ample interior and deck space * Have easy access to water * Less draft that allows sailing in shallow water to get closer to the islands *Easy to maneuver

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