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alquiler de veleros y catamaranes en San Blas panama


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alquiler de velero en San Blas panama
alquiler de catamaranes en San Blas panama
charter de barcos en panama San Blas

Sovereign Grace is the second boat from the Wild Card Sailing fleet. It is even bigger at 74ft/22.5 metres, making it the largest boat available sailing from Panama to Colombia. Some people are concerned about the large group size, however the vast majority of passengers are happily surprised with the actual amount of space available. A recent refit has seen a brand new, fully enclosed cockpit and passenger area added. This alone can fit 23 people, along with the inside saloon and large open foredeck area. A total 23 passenger berths are located below deck, however not all trips will take this amount of guests.

The operation has been in place providing shared sailing trips from Colombia and Panama since 2010. Sovereign Grace joined the fleet in 2014 and in total almost 5,000 passengers have travelled.

Trips generally attract guests looking for large and heavy boat providing a steadier and more comfortable experience, especially when winds are stronger. Passengers should be comfortable travelling as part of a large social group.

Please note: You may find the same boat described online as Wild Card 2

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